Domitian Caesar Silver Denarius Dolpin Atop Tripod Rome 81 AD RIC 74 VF Scarce

Ancient Coins - Domitian Caesar Silver Denarius "Dolpin Atop Tripod" Rome 81 AD RIC 74 VF Scarce
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Domitian Caesar AR Denarius. Rome Mint 81 AD. Obverse: IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG P M Laureate head of Domitian right. Reverse: TR P COS VII DES VIII P P Dolphin right atop filleted tripod. RIC II: 74 Scarce. Size: 18mm, 2.74g. Numismatic Notes: Good VF and very well struck from fairly fresh dies! This coin has a gorgeous old-cabinet tone with some blue-iridescence! An exceptional example!
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