Diva Faustina II AE Sestertius MARTI CASTRORVM Phoenix, Standards Scarce

Ancient Coins - Diva Faustina II AE Sestertius "MARTI CASTRORVM Phoenix, Standards" Scarce
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Diva Faustina II Junior AE Sestertius Rome Mint 176-180 AD Obverse: DIVAE FAVSTINAE PIAE Bust of Faustina II, draped, hair elaborately dressed right Reverse: MATRI CASTRORVM S C Faustina, draped, seated left, holding globe surmounted by phoenix in extended right hand and holding sceptre in left hand; before her, two standards References: RIC 1712 Scarce Size: 32mm, 24.28g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good-fine but rough; reverse struck from partially degraded die
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