Diocletian Silvered Follis Moneta Holding Scales Ticinum RIC 45a Nice EF

Ancient Coins - Diocletian Silvered Follis "Moneta Holding Scales" Ticinum RIC 45a Nice EF
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Diocletian Silvered Follis. Ticinum Mint 300-303 AD. Obverse: IMP C DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, laureate head of Diocletian right. Reverse: SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, Moneta standing left, holding scales in right hand, cornucopia in left; ST(dot) in exergue. References: RIC 45a. Size: 27mm, 8.46g. Numismatic Notes: Extremely fine with a good amount of silvering remaining! A nice brown patina and well-struck!
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