Diocletian Follis Abdication Providentia & Quies Antioch RIC Unlisted Officina Very Rare gVF

Ancient Coins - Diocletian Follis Abdication "Providentia & Quies" Antioch RIC Unlisted Officina Very Rare gVF
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Diocletian AE Follis. Antioch Mint 308 AD. Abdication Issue. Obverse: DN DIOCLETIANO FELICISSIMO SENA VG Laureate head right in imperial mantle, holding olive branch and mappa. Reverse: PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVG Providentia on left, Quies on right holding branch and scepter; I between; ANT in exergue. References: RIC 83b variant (I officina unrecorded) Extremely Rare. Size: 27mm, 8.65g. Numismatic Notes: Beautiful good VF detail and very attractive glossy dark-brown patina! Exceptional style and preservation! This die combination is listed in RIC as 83b (rated R3), however this coin presents a heretofore unrecorded officina variant. RIC only listed Delta for officina in this series, while this one is clearly an "I"! A stunning and very rare abdication follis of Diocletian!
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