Crispus Caesar AE21 Excessively Rare Decorated Portrait Type Trier 232 AD

Ancient Coins - Crispus Caesar AE21 Excessively Rare Decorated Portrait Type Trier 232 AD
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Crispus Caesar Trier Mint 323 AD Obverse: IVL CRIS-PVS NOB C High-crested helmeted and cuirassed (decorated with head of Medusa) bust left holding victory on globe, shield on shoulder decorated with ‘figure of emperor holding shield and spearing a bound and seated captive enemy, victory flies from background to crown him’ Reverse: BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS Globe atop altar inscribed VO TIS XX, three stars above; (dot)PTR(Crescent) in exergue References: RIC –, Alten & Zschucke 247a Bust Type 37 var (1st Officina) This bust type excessively rare Size: 21mm, 2.06g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF portrait, A highly intriguing and excessively rare shield decoration! First, this but type with Crispus holding a victory on globe and helmeted is not listed in RIC for this type. RIC did not do a good job finding the variety of types of shields for this (or really any) series. In their work specifically dealing with the BEATA TRANQVILLITAS series of coinage entitled Die Romische Munzserie Beata Tranquillitas in der Pragestatte Trier 321-323 (2004), Dieter Alten and Carl-Friedrich Zschucke note this obverse type among 42 other interesting and rare shield decorations (obviously some are much rarer than others, this one being on the rarer side). Very clearly this decoration depicts a male figure (most likely the emperor, but it could also be a soldier) holding a shield and spearing a captive enemy at his feet. There is a third figure behind, which I have attributed to a flying victory crowning the emperor, given the placement of the hand above the head of the spear wielding figure. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own this coin as it's not likely to show up again any time soon!. Thanks to Barry P. Murphy for assisting in pinning down this hard-to-find reference description.
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