Corinthia Corinth AR Drachm Pegasus & Aphrodite, Retrograde Sigma EF Very Rare

Ancient Coins - Corinthia Corinth AR Drachm "Pegasus & Aphrodite, Retrograde Sigma" EF Very Rare
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Corinthia, Corinth AR Drachm. Circa 4th Century BC. Obverse: Pegasos flying left, Koppa below. Reverse: Head of Aphrodite left, wearing sakkos, pendant earrings and necklace; Retrograde sigma behind, uncertain object in lower left field. References: BCD Corinth -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC – Extremely Rare. Size: 16mm, 2.40g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Choice EF with a beautiful old-collection tone! These controls are unpublished as far as I have seen and extremely rare! Exceptional state of preservation for these!
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