Constantius II AE Centenionalis Emperor, Two Captives Nicomedia RIC 71 Good VF

Ancient Coins - Constantius II AE Centenionalis "Emperor, Two Captives" Nicomedia RIC 71 Good VF
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Constantius II AE Centenionalis. Nicomedia Mint 348-351 AD. Obverse: D N CONSTAN-TIVS P F AVG Bust of Constantius II, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed, left, holding globe in right hand. Reverse: FEL TEMP – REPARATIO Constantius II, draped, cuirassed, standing left, holding standard with Chi-Rho on banner in right hand and resting left hand on shield; before him, two captives kneeling; SMN(Gamma) in exergue. References: RIC 71 Size: 20mm, 5.18g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF with a pleasing dark-green patina
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