Constantinople City Commemorative Soldiers' RIC 206 Very Rare Nicomedia nEF

Ancient Coins - Constantinople City Commemorative "Soldiers' RIC 206 Very Rare Nicomedia nEF
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Constantinople City Commemorative Nicomedia Mint 336-337 AD Obverse: CONSTAN-TINOPOLI Bust of Constantinopolis, laureate, helmeted, wearing imperial cloak, left, holding reversed spear in right hand Reverse: GLOR-IA EXERC-ITVS Two soldiers, helmeted, draped, cuirassed, standing facing each other, each holding reversed spear in outer hand and resting inner hand on shield; between them, a standard; SMN(Delta) in exergue References: RIC 206 Very Rare Size: 17mm, 1.89g Professional Numismatic Notes: Near EF and incredibly well-struck. A very rare Nicomedia mintage!
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