Constans I GLORIA EXERCITVS Soldiers, M Banner Trier RIC 112 EF

Ancient Coins - Constans I "GLORIA EXERCITVS Soldiers, M Banner" Trier RIC 112 EF
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Constans I Treveri (Trier) Mint 340 AD Obverse: CONSTANS - P F AVG Bust of Constans, laureate, rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed, right Reverse: GLORI-A EXER-CITVS Two soldiers, helmeted, draped, cuirassed, facing front, heads toward each other, each holding inverted spear in outer hand and resting inner hand on shield; between them, a standard topped with M on banner; TRP(crescent) in exergue References: RIC 112 Size: 16mm, 1.77g Professional Numismatic Notes: EF
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