CN Plancius AR Denarius Causia & Cretan Goat, Bow Quiver gVF Iridescent Tone

Ancient Coins - CN Plancius AR Denarius "Causia & Cretan Goat, Bow Quiver" gVF Iridescent Tone
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Cn. Plancius AR Denarius. Rome Mint 55 BC. Obverse: CN PLANCIVS AED CVR S C Female head to right, wearing causia. Reverse: Cretan goat standing to right; behind, bow and quiver. References: Babelon (Plancia) 1. Crawford 432/1. Sydenham 933. Size: 18mm, 3.57g. Numismatic Notes: Good VF with a brilliant iridescent tone! One needs to hold the coin completely towards the light to view the iridescence as it appears in the photograph.
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