Celtic, Danube AR Tetradrachm Kroisbach Type Male Head & Rider on Horseback EF

Ancient Coins - Celtic, Danube AR Tetradrachm Kroisbach Type "Male Head & Rider on Horseback" EF
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Eastern European. Imitations of Philip II of Macedon AR Tetradrachm. Mint in the Burgenland-West Slovakian region 2nd Century BC. Kroisbach–mit Reiterstumpf type. Obverse: Diademed, beardless head right. Reverse: Rider on horseback left, showing only his torso, hair bound with diadem and tied into a topknot with three trailing curls. References: OTA 469/3; Flesche 525; KMW 1391–4; Lanz 744. Size: 21mm, 12.09g. Professional Numismatic Notes: EF grade and beautiful example of this highly intriguing "Kroisbach" type!
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