Caria, Knidos (Knidus) Silver Drachm Aphrodite & Forepart of Lion Teleas VF

Ancient Coins - Caria, Knidos (Knidus) Silver Drachm "Aphrodite & Forepart of Lion" Teleas VF
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Caria, Knidos AR Drachm. Circa 350-330/20 BC. Teleas, magistrate. Obverse: Head of Aphrodite right, wearing stephane, earring and necklace, TE monogram behind. Reverse: Forepart of lion to right, TELEAS before, KNI below. References: BMC 46, SNG Cop 272. Size: 14mm, 2.76g. Numismatic Notes: About VF and far more attractive in hand, especially the reverse!
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