Caria, Halikarnassos AE18 Poseidon & Trident, Cornucopia Control Very Rare EF

Ancient Coins - Caria, Halikarnassos AE18 "Poseidon & Trident, Cornucopia Control" Very Rare EF
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Caria, Halikarnassos (Halicarnassus). Circa 2nd-1st Century BC. Obverse: Head of Poseidon right. Reverse: ALIKAR Ornate trident head, dolphins between prongs; cornucopiae in lower right field, magistrates name to right. References: BMC – Very Rare Control Mark. Size: 18mm, 4.02g. Numismatic Notes: EF and stunning! This is a very rare control! This control mark is seemingly unpublished and typically the control marks on these are in the left field!
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