Caracalla AE27 of Nicaea, Bithynia Severan Games Issue, Urn Very Rare

Ancient Coins - Caracalla AE27 of Nicaea, Bithynia "Severan Games Issue, Urn" Very Rare
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Caracalla Bithynia, Nicaea Mint 198-217 AD Severan Games Issue Obverse: AVT K M AVPH ANTWNINOC AUG youthful laureate head right Reverse: CEOVHPEIA NIKAIEWN Septimius Severus standing left in togate, holding prize urn and eagle tipped scepter References: ? Extremely Rare Size: 27mm, 10.70g Professional Numismatic Notes: An extremely rare and intriguing type! The legends on the reverse clearly allude to the Severan Games. This presentation of a bearded figure on the reverse is almost undoubtedly Septimius Severus; the portrait of Caracalla being youthful and without facial hair on the obverse. The addition of a prominent eagle on the tip of the scepter is also quite interesting. This coin grades on the better side of VF and has an attractive green patina!
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