Caracalla AE26 Fortuna, Double Cornucopiae (Infant) Markianopolis Very Rare VF

Ancient Coins - Caracalla AE26 "Fortuna, Double Cornucopiae (Infant)" Markianopolis Very Rare VF
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Caracalla. Moesia, Markianopolis Mint 198-217 AD. Obverse: ANTWNINOC PIO-C AVGOCT OC , laureate head right. Reverse:VP KVNTILIANO-C MARKIANOPOLITW-N, Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and double cornucopia (the inner one resembling an infant). References: Varbanov 982 var. (single cornucopia); AMNG I –; Pfeiffer – Very Rare. Size: 26mm, 6.21g. Numismatic Notes: A very rare and curious variety! The inner cornucopiae that Fortuna bares differs significantly from that of the out one. It could be that this is meant to depict an infant, who reaches inward towards Tyche. It is difficult to tell for certain, but it's quite possibly the case. Sharp good VF detail with a stunning patina!
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