Byzantine Empire Christ Follis Enthroned Facing / Jesus King of Kings Legends

Ancient Coins - Byzantine Empire Christ Follis "Enthroned Facing / Jesus King of Kings Legends"
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Byzantine Empire Christ Follis. Constantinople mint Circa 1042-1055 AD. Obverse: IC - XC Nimbate Christ seated facing on throne with back; wearing pallium and colobium and holding book of Gospels with both hands. Reverse: IS XS / bASIL? / bASIL (Jesus Christ, King of Kings), inscription in three lines, ornament of cross-and-dashes above, crescent-and-dashes below. References: SBC 1836; DOC pp. 685-7. Size: 31mm, 9.66g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Good Fine with a beautiful green patina with yellow sandy highlights
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