Aurelian Antoninianus Two Figures, Crossed Swords & Ensigns Extremely Rare gVF

Ancient Coins - Aurelian Antoninianus "Two Figures, Crossed Swords & Ensigns" Extremely Rare gVF
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Aurelian Silvered Antoninianus. Cyzicus Mint 272 AD. Obverse: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Radiate and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: PRINCIPI IVVEN-TVTIS Two male figures, one taller than the other, each holding transverse spear and crossing a small sword, an ensign behind each; C(Star)S in exergue. References: RIC -, Gobl 332 c1 Var, La Venèra. II.1/- p. 91 Extremely Rare. Size: 25mm, 3.01g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF and attractive! This excessively rare type is known for only a few other specimens (RIC does not even list this type) and this is surely the finest known example of all of them! An elusive reverse presenting a scene of two un-named figures (is it two Caesars, or one Caesar and Aurelian?) holding spears and crossing what appear to be swords. Typically on the 2nd and 3rd Century coinage of Caesars the depiction of the Caesars is accompanied by a standard (ensign), and since this coin depicts one behind each figure it's possible that it is depicting two Caesars. Of note also is the fact that the right figure is taller than the left figure, though both are wearing the same attire and are holding the same objects. A truly intriguing type in Roman numismatics!
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