ARAB-BYZANTINE.Scythopolis (Beth Shan) mint.AE.Follis

Ancient Coins - ARAB-BYZANTINE.Scythopolis (Beth Shan) mint.AE.Follis
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ARAB-BYZANTINE.SCYTHOPOLIS (Beth Shan) mint..AE.Follis.( 8.41g, 29.8mm 6h )
CKYΘΟ-ΠΟΛHC, crowned imperial images of Justin II (left ) and Sophia enthroned facing, holding cruciform sceptres; cross between heads.
Reverse.Uncial letter M to left downwards A / N / N / O to right pseudo regnal year  U / II ;  officina letter diamond shaped letter A,  above cross and in exergue NIKO
Ref:APBQ A1; Walker, Arab-Byzantine 1; Berman 16; Album 98.
Better than very fine, two tone patina, reverse some light red encrustation in fields.
Note tha O of NIKO above exergue and below date
Andrew Oddy in proceeding of 14th seventh cent.Syrian numismatic round table has proposed that the date on this coin is a real date struck under Mu'awiya AD 667/8. 
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