SASANIAN KINGS. Peroz I. AD. 457/9-484. Silver Drachm. AS for Asuristan or Aspanvar mint.

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PCW-S1838-SASANIAN KINGS. Peroz, (459-484 AD). Silver Drachm (4.10 gm; 26 mm). "AS" for Asuristan or Aspanvar mint. Peroz's bust with the 3rd and final crown to the right, reverse, fire altar with attendants in prayer mode, mint abbreviation "AS" for Asuristan or Aspanvar or Aspahan to the right and king's name "PYLC"to the left (flat spot). SNS type IIIb/1c (pl. 85-6, 99-106); Göbl type III/1; Mochiri 250; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 941var. Lovely strike. Choice FDC. Lustrous. Lightly toned. 
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