SASANIAN KINGS. Kavad I, first reign. AD. 488-497. Silver Drachm. Lovely Strike. Rare.

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PCW-S1767-SASANIAN KINGS. Kavad I, first reign. AD. 488-497. Silver Drachm (4.12 gm; 27 mm). mint: AI?-flat spot, No date, letters "KWTY for Kavad" left of attendant. Bust right, wearing mural crown with frontal crescent and korymbos set on crescent, ribbons and crescents on shoulders; star behind crown / Fire altar with ribbons; flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames. SNS type I/1 (pl. 108, 35-6); Gobl type I/1; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 958. Lovely strike. Great style. Choice Superb EF. Nice old-cabinet toning. Rare.
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