Bohemia, Erzgebirge. 1560. Medal.

World Coins - Bohemia, Erzgebirge. 1560. Medal.
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Bohemia, Erzgebirge. 1560. Medal (Silver, 55mm, 44.76 g 112), on the Crucifixion and the fall of Adam and Eve, Joachimstal, Nickel Milicz and his workshop. CHRISTI CREVTZ VND BLVT IST ALLEIN GERECHT VND GVT MDLX Scene of Calvary, with Christ at the center, the two thieves on either side, and with soldiers and mourners around. Rev. DIE LISTIG SCHLANG BETREVGT ADAM VND EVAM WIDER GOTTS GEBOT At the center, the apple tree entwined by the serpent; before, Eve, nude and on the right, standing facing, plucking an apple with her left hand and, with her right, giving another to Adam who stands, nude, on the left, turned slightly toward Eve and accepting the apple with his right hand; behind, a donkey (on the left), a sheep (on the right) and a bird (at the center. Cf. Katz 385 and 376. Rare. An attractively toned and struck original example. About extremely fine.
From a German private collection.

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