Alexius III Angelus Comnenus electrum aspron trachy

Ancient Coins - Alexius III Angelus Comnenus electrum aspron trachy
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Alexius III Angelus Comnenus (1195-1203AD)

Electrum aspron trachy- 4,45 gram, Constantinople mint, struck 1195-1203AD

obv: Christ enthroned facing, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium and raising right hand in benediction, in left hand, book of Gospels; no legend
rev: ALEZIC DECPoKWCTAN, Alexius on left and St Constantine, bearded and nimbate, on right, both standing facing, holding between them labarum; each wears crown, divitision and loros, and holds cruciform sceptre (emperor in right hand, saint in left hand)
SB 2009A
DOC V 2d.2 var
M.D.O'Hara in Numismatic Chronicle, 1977,pp 186-8, no 12
Not priced in Sear, valued as "Extremely Rare"
Less than 20 specimen known!
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