Philippines. 1947 S. 1 Peso. BU.

World Coins - Philippines. 1947 S. 1 Peso. BU.
Philippines. 1947 S. 1 Peso. KM 185. BU.

Consigning to MNS

It is very expensive to sell collector grade coins (generally defined as less than USD $500) in today's auction market. They simply cannot compete for catalogue space with the 'big ticket' items, thus they are often relegated to group lots. Group lots usually sell to dealers for wholesale prices. Additionally, fees and minimums associated with selling at auction reduce the net return a consignor receives for his coins.

If due to circumstances or change of interests you have coins that no longer fit your collecting pattern, please consider consigning them to MNS. We have a very loyal and active customer base, and we have a proven track record handling consignments. Call or email today to discuss how we can help you get the most money for your coins when it comes time to sell. Especially when compared to the expense in fees and minimums that the auction market entails, you may find our rates are very good value.


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