Nero AE dupondius - MACELLUM MAGNUM - Rare

Ancient Coins - Nero AE dupondius - MACELLUM MAGNUM - Rare
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Nero. AD 54-68. Æ Dupondius (29mm  10.77 g.)
Lugdunum (Lyon) mint, struck circa AD 65.
Obv. Laureate head left, globe at point of bust.
Rev. Façade of the Macellum Magnum: statue standing facing on base within cylindrical tetrastyle entrance set on tiered base, upper tristyle story surmounted by ornate conical dome, two-story tristyle porch on either side.
RIC I 402
VF+ / Good VF,
Lovely green patina.
Well centered and detailed Macellum, with lavishly decorated columns.
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