LAKONIA, Lakedaimon (Sparta). Æ 20 (3.81g), 31-7 BC.

Ancient Coins - LAKONIA, Lakedaimon (Sparta). Æ 20 (3.81g), 31-7 BC.
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Head of Zeus / Λ Α, Club within wreath. Magistrate: Eurykles. Grunauer XXVI, BCD 921; RPC 1103. Rare. Fine.

Ex: BCD collection, with his original tag.

The magistrate for this issue, C. Julius Eurycles, was a Spartan who won Roman citizenship and high position due to his heroics at the battle of Actium. He received the island of Kythera as his private property, and ruled Lakonia for over 25 years until he fell from grace in 7 BC. His son was appointed ruler of Sparta in 2 BC by Augustus, and continued to reign until AD 31.

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