ACHAIA, Patrai. AR Hemidrachm (2.37g). Cleopatra VII

Ancient Coins - ACHAIA, Patrai. AR Hemidrachm (2.37g). Cleopatra VII
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Head of Aphrodite / Inscription within wreath. Damasias Agesilaou: Magistrate, c. 35-32 BC. BCD 526 (this coin); SNG Lockett 2346. Rare. about Extremely Fine, struck from worn dies.

Ex: BCD collection; Ex: C. Burgan, MBS 17, 30 June 1984, 291.

Struck during Marc Antony's preparations for the coming war with Octavian.� Almost all known specimens are from crudely made and well worn dies.� The head of Aphrodite closely resembles Queen Cleopatra.�
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