HADRIAN AE sestertius. EXERCITUS GERMANICUS, Hadrian, on horseback, addressing the legions in GERMANIA. Rare

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HADRIAN AE sestertius. Struck at Rome, 134-138 AD. HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, laureate and draped bust right. Reverse - EXERCITVS (above) GERMANICVS (in exergue), Hadrian on horseback right, raising hand in salute to three soldiers standing left before, who hold aquilifer (legionary eagle) and standards. RIC II 920, RARE. 31mm, 23.9g.

Although worn, the lettering 'MANIC' is clearly visible in the exergue under the horses hooves, confirming which part of the 'Exercitus' series this coin is.

While this entire series is rated rare, some are more commonly found in auctions and on coinarchives, such as Mauretanicus, Dacicus, and Syriacus. I could reference no examples of Germanicus on coinarchives or VCoins at the time of listing.
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