Trajan. Sestertius. Mesopotamia, Tigris & Euphrates.

Ancient Coins - Trajan. Sestertius. Mesopotamia, Tigris & Euphrates.
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Reign: Emperor, A.D. 98-117.
Denomination: Æ Sestertius.
Diameter: 34 mm.
Weight: 24.79 grams.
Mint: Struck in Rome, A.D. 114-117.
Obverse: IMP. CAES. NER. TRAIANO OPTIMO. AVG. GER. DAC. P. M. TR. P. COS. VI P. P.; Laureate, draped bust right.
Reverse: ARMENIA ET. MESOPOTAMIA IN POTESTATEM P. R. REDACTE - S. C.; Trajan, laureate and in miltary outfit, standing facing, head turned right, holding reversed spear and parazonium; Mesopotamia seated left at feet, in attitude of mourning; to left and right, Tigris and Euphrates seated, vis-á-vis, each leaning on inverted urn from which water flows, and holding reed.
Reference: RIC 289, 642. Cohen 39.
Grade: Good Very Fine.
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