Christian Roman Red-Ware Fragment. Chi-Rho.

Ancient Coins - Christian Roman Red-Ware Fragment. Chi-Rho.
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North African Red-Ware, Terra Sigillata Africana.
Date: c. A.D. 450-500.
Description: An ancient Early Christian Roman red-ware plate fragment with the Christogram, Chi-Rho, stamped three times across the center.
Length: 3 - 1/8 inches. (7.5 cm).
Reference: J. W. Hayes, Handbook of Mediterranean Roman Pottery, (London, 1997), p. 63.
Note: Formerly in a European private collection.
Comments: From the 1st century A.D. onward, North African red-slip ware production expanded greatly and began to replace Italian Terra Sigillata pottery, and compete with Gallic wares in Southern France. Nova Karthago was the center of production but smaller factories soon cropped up throughout Numidia and Byzacena.
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