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Grade: EF/EF+ very attractive lightgrey toning with irridescence, flan crack, small scrape on reverse 3 o'clock
Material: Silver
Weight: 3.80 g
Diameter: 19 mm

Obverse: AVGVSTVS DIVI • F, bare head of emperor Augustus right

Reverse: IMP • X in exergue, Augustus, bareheaded and togate, seated left on curule chair set on daïs, extending his right hand toward two soldiers, each carrying parazonium and presenting laurel branches in their right hands
The reverse of this denarius is thought to celebrate victories won over the Raeti. The Raeti tribes, together with those of their Celtic-speaking neighbours to the north, the Vindelici, were subjugated by the Roman army in 15 B.C. and their territories annexed to the Roman empire. The Roman province of Raetia et Vindelicia was named after these two peoples. The Raeti tribes quickly became loyal subjects of the empire and contributed disproportionate numbers of recruits to the Roman army's auxiliary corps. The scene depicted on the reverse of this denarius shows Drusus and Tiberius presenting victory laurels to Augustus for subjugating the Raeti tribes occupying the foothills of the Alps. (From CNG: Harold Mattingly (BMC I) identifies the two soldiers as “...Tiberius and Nero Drusus, the conquerors of Rhaetia in B.C. 15; the branches are the triumphal laurels).
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