Æ 27mm Septimius Severus - struck under Julius Faustinianus, legatus consularis, Moesia, Marcianopolis circa 207-210 A.D. - Apollo with serpent-entwined tree -

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Grade: F+/VF- even dark green patina
Material: Bronze
Weight: 10.31 g
Diameter: 27 mm
Ref.: H&J, Markianopolis; Varbanov 778

Obverse: AV Λ CЄΠTI CЄVHPOC Π, laureate, draped and cuirassed head to right

Reverse: Y I + AYCTINIANOY MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Apollo standing facing, head right, raising arm over head and holding bow; quiver (or altar) to left, serpent-entwined tree to right
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