VF Toned Selge Pisidia 300-190 BC Silver Obol Medusa / Athena

Ancient Coins - VF Toned Selge Pisidia 300-190 BC Silver Obol Medusa / Athena
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Selge, Pisidia, c. 300 - 190 B.C.
GS92947. Silver obol, cf. SNG Cop 251; BMC Lycia p. 259, 23 ff.; Klein 630; SNG BnF -; SNGvA -, VF, toned, worn dies, small edge splits, 0.979g, 10.1mm, 0o, Selge (southern slope of Mount Taurus, Turkey) mint, facing head of Medusa (gorgoneion) with long hair, resembling Apollo or Helios; reverse head of Athena right in crested Athenian helmet, astragalos(?) behind, snake(?) below
Selge, Pisidia on the southern slope of Mount Taurus where the river Eurymedon (Köprücay) forces its way through the mountains, was once the most powerful and populous city of Pisidia. Protected by precipices, torrents, and an army of 20,000 regarded as worthy kinsmen of the Spartans, Selge was never subject to a foreign power until Rome. In the 5th century A.D., Zosimus calls it a little town, but it was still strong enough to repel a body of Goths. The remains of the city consist mainly of parts of the encircling wall and of the acropolis. A few traces have survived of the gymnasium, the stoa, the stadium and the basilica. There are also the outlines of two temples, but the best-conserved monument is the theater, restored in the 3rd century AD.
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