VF Philip II 247-249 AD Deultum Thrace AE17 Lion Walking Right

Ancient Coins - VF Philip II 247-249 AD Deultum Thrace AE17 Lion Walking Right
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Philip II, July or August 247 - Late 249 A.D., Deultum, Thrace
RP92879. Bronze AE 17, Draganov 1931 (O175/R663), Jurukova Deultum 508, Varbanov II 3129 (R3), Moushmov 3809, CN Online -, BMC Thrace -, SNG Cop -, VF, dark patina, nice portrait, light marks and scratches, light deposit, 3.267g, 16.7mm, 0o, Deultum (Debelt, Bulgaria) mint, M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, laureate head right; reverse lion walking right, C F / P D (Colonia Flavia Pacensis Deultum) in two lines above and below ; scarce
The Roman Colony of Deultum (Debelt, Bulgaria today) was founded during the reign of Vespasian on the west shore of Lake Mandren between Anchialus and Apollonia, and settled with veterans of Legio VIII Augusta. The town followed the usual Roman plan, with a very good water supply, sewers, and impressive baths with floor heating. It became one of the richest towns in the province. During the reign Mark Aurelius, Deultum was protected by large fortified walls and for centuries it served as an important communication point and a bulwark against barbarian raids. In 812 Khan Krum conquered Develt (its medieval name), banished the local residents to the north of Danube River, and resettled the town with Bulgarians.
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