Unpublished Geto-Dacian Roman Republic Imitative Serrate Denarius

Ancient Coins - Unpublished Geto-Dacian Roman Republic Imitative Serrate Denarius
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Geto-Dacian, Roman Republic Imitative, c. 82 B.C. - 1st Century A.D.
CE93052. Silver imitative denarius, Davis website -, Davis Apvlvm -, Davis-Paunov -, et al. -; for the Rome mint prototypes see: Crawford 363/1 (obv.) and Crawford 379/2 (rev.), VF, crude, light toning, die wear/rust, a little off center and uneven strike with some weak areas, 2.990g, 18.1mm, 0o, tribal mint, laureate head of Apollo right (various possible prototypes, perhaps copied from Roman Republic, L. Marcius Censorinus, 82 B.C., silver denarius, Crawford 363/1); reverse Juno Sospita in a biga right, brandishing spear and holding shield, snake below, L.PROCILI.F in exergue (copied from Roman Republic, L. Procilius L.f., 80 B.C., silver denarius serratus, Crawford 379/2); apparently unpublished, we were unable to find another example of this hybrid imitative type; extremely rare
In ancient Greek and Roman writing Dacus (plural Daci) and Geta (plural Getae) were interchangeable names for tribes of the Dacia region, distinct from but influenced by and possibly related the Thracians and Celts. Modern historians prefer to use the name Geto-Dacians.
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