Rare VF Entella 420-404 BC AE16 Hemilitron Elymian Western Sicily

Ancient Coins - Rare VF Entella 420-404 BC AE16 Hemilitron Elymian Western Sicily
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Entella, Sicily, c. 420 - 404 B.C.
GI88093. Bronze hemilitron, Calciati I p. 317, 1; SNG Morcom 580; SNG ANS Addenda 1324; HGC 2 240 (R2); SNG Cop -; SNG München -, VF, green patina, bumps, marks, light corrosion, edge a bit ragged with a few edge splits, 3.571g, 16.4mm, 180o, Entella mint, female head left, wearing sphendone, earring, and necklace; reverse ΕΝΤΕΛ, bearded male head (Zeus?) right, wearing tainia; ex David Surber collection; rare
Entella was an Elymian town in western Sicily. Little known about the Elymians, who are indistinguishable from their Sicani neighbors in the archaeological record of the early Iron Age (c. 1100–700 B.C.). Thereafter they adopted many aspects of the culture of the Greek colonists of Sicily, erecting a temple at Segesta, and using the Greek alphabet to write their own language. As yet, no one has deciphered the Elymian language. The Elymians maintained friendly relations and alliances with Carthage but came into frequent conflict with the expansionist Greek colonies of western Sicily, especially Selinus. Boundary disputes with Selinus broke out into open warfare on several occasions after 580 B.C. They sought to ally first with Athens against Selinus, provoking the disastrous Sicilian expedition of 415 - 413 B.C. Following this failure they encouraged the Carthaginians to attack Selinus in 409 B.C. and succeeded in obtaining the destruction of their rivals. In 404 B.C. Campanian mercenaries, who had been in the service of Carthage, were allowed into Entella on friendly terms. They put all the male citizens to the sword and took the city for themselves.
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