Rare Choice VF Constantine II AE17 Ticinum 319 AD VLPP Victories

Ancient Coins - Rare Choice VF Constantine II AE17 Ticinum 319 AD VLPP Victories
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Constantine II, 22 May 337 - March or April 340 A.D.
RL89691. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII 95 (R4), SRCV IV 17273, Cohen 221 var. (bust laureate), Hunter V -, Choice VF, attractive style, green patina, well centered on a tight flan, 2.627g, 17.2mm, 180o, 1st officina, Ticinum (Pavia, Italy) mint, CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, boy's radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind; reverse VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories holding wreath on altar, VOT / P R in two lines within wreath, C on altar with garland, PT exergue; ex Beast Coins VLPP Collection; rare
Constantine II was the son of Constantine I, the eldest with his second wife, Fausta. He was born in Arles (which was renamed Constantia in his honor in 328, explaining the CON mintmarks for Arles) and was made Caesar before he was a year old in 316 A.D. Upon his father's death, Constantine II inherited the Western part of the empire. After quarreling with his brother Constans, he invaded his territory, only to be killed in an ambush near Aquileia. His coins often include `IVN` in the legend, an abbreviation for junior.
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