Phokis Greece Silver Triobol 440-420 BC Bull Head/ Head of Artemis

Ancient Coins - Phokis Greece Silver Triobol 440-420 BC Bull Head/ Head of Artemis
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Phokis, Greece, Federal Coinage, c. 440 - 420 B.C.
GS92199. Silver triobol, cf. BCD Locris 257 ff., SNG Cop 99 ff., HGC 4 1043 (R2), F, obverse with dark thick toning, reverse lightly toned, light marks and scratches, minor encrustations, 2.727g, 13.3mm, 180o, Phokis mint, bull head facing; reverse ΦΟΚΙ, head of Artemis right, all within incuse square; ex Harlan J. Berk; scarce
Phocis was mainly pastoral. The twenty-two confederate Phocian towns held their periodic synedrion (assembly) in a building called Phokikon, near Daulis, and here, perhaps, rather than at any one of the Phocian towns, the federal mint may have been established. Money would be issued at this mint only on the occasions of the meetings of the synedrion, when it may be supposed that a concourse of people from all parts of the Phocian territory was gathered together, and that a fair or market was held for the exchange and purchase of commodities, as at Delphi during the Pythian festivals. The bull's head likely commemorates the sacrifice of a prize bull for the community on one of these occasions. Part was burned for the god, but eating the meat was a mandatory religious duty.
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