Kingdom of Mallorca Sancho de Mallorca 1311-24 Dobler Facing Bust/Cross

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Kingdom of Mallorca, Sancho de Mallorca, 1311 - 1324
ME92741. Billon dobler, Crusafont 1992 547, Burgos 1388, VF, small edge split, holed, 1.484g, 20.9mm, 180o, Palma mint, + REX MAIORICAR (King of Majorca), crowned bust facing, star right and left; reverse + SACIUS DEI GRA ( Sancho I by the grace of God), Latin cross, the base dividing the legend; ex York Coins
The Kingdom of Majorca (1231 - 1715) was created by James I of Aragon following his conquest of the Balearic Islands and the surrender of sovereignty by the Muslim rulers 1231. It was ruled in conjunction with the Crown of Aragon until his death when it passed to a younger son, James II, who ruled the kingdom as nominal vassal of the Aragonese Crown. James II's son, Sancho, called the Peaceful, was King of Majorca, Count of Roussillon and Cerdanya, and Lord of Montpellier from 1311 to his death in 1324. In 1344, the kingdom was again united with the Crown of Aragon. It subsequently formed an administrative kingdom within the Crown of Spain until the Nueva Planta Decrees abolished the division in 1715.
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