Judean Kingdom Alexander Jannaeus (Yehonatan) 104 - 76 BC Prutah

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Judean Kingdom, Alexander Jannaeus (Yehonatan), 104 - 76 B.C.
JD97675. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1145, Meshorer TJC P, Meshorer AJC E, HGC 10 638, gF, brown tone with highlighting turquoise and buff deposits, crude inscription, 2.025g, 14.5mm, 90o, Jerusalem mint, Paleo-Hebrew inscription within wreath: Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews; reverse double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns; from an Israeli collection
Meshorer wrote of the inscriptions on this type, `The letters are clear, large and straight, with few variants. On many coins the inscription, especially the final word, is incomplete. Even the specimens that depict incomplete inscriptions and orthographic errors reveal a good style and contain well-defined letters.` The Paleo-Hebrew inscription on this coin reads, from right to left, as follows: YHW/NTN (Yehonatan) HK/N (Priest, should be KHN) H (high) LDG (high) / W (and) (HH)BR (council) H (the) / YHM (Jews). See Reading Judean Coins in NumisWiki.
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