FORVM XF City of Constantinople Commemorative Treveri Mint Victory on Prow

Ancient Coins - FORVM XF City of Constantinople Commemorative Treveri Mint Victory on Prow
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City of Constantinople Commemorative, 330 - 331 A.D.
RL82770. Billon reduced centenionalis, Hunter V 3 (also 2nd officina), RIC VII Trier 543, LRBC I 66, SRCV IV 16445, Cohen VII 21, EF, sharp detail, slightly off center on a tight flan, clashed reverse die, 2.398g, 16.4mm, 180o, 2nd officina, Treveri (Trier, Germany) mint, CONSTANTINOPOLIS, laureate and helmeted bust of Constantinopolis left, wearing imperial cloak, scepter over left shoulder; reverse Victory standing left, right foot on prow, scepter in right hand, resting left hand on grounded shield, TR•S in exergue
On 11 May 330, Constantine I refounded Byzantium, renamed it Constantinopolis after himself, and moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to his new city. The new capital was Christian, old gods and traditions were either replaced or assimilated into a framework of Christian symbolism. Constantine built the new Church of the Holy Apostles on the site of a temple to Aphrodite. Generations later there was the story that a divine vision led Constantine to this spot. The capital would often be compared to the 'old' Rome as Nova Roma Constantinopolitana, the `New Rome of Constantinople.` Special commemorative coins were issued with types for both Rome and Constantinople to advertise the importance of the new capital.
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