Skordoski Pannonian Celts Kugelwange (Ball Cheek) AE Tetradrachm

Ancient Coins - Skordoski Pannonian Celts Kugelwange (Ball Cheek) AE Tetradrachm
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Pannonian Celts, Skordoski, Syrmia Region, Kugelwange (Ball Cheek) Type, c. 2nd Century B.C.
CE85932. Bronze tetradrachm, cf. Göbl OTA 193/14 v, CCCBM I S133, Lanz 485, Pink 196, Forrer Keltische pl. XXXII, 279; derived from the Macedonian tetradrachms of Philip II), F, tight flan, dark patina, rough, corrosion, 9.769g, 24.0mm, 0o, Syrmia mint, devolved laureate bearded head of Zeus right, broad laurel wreath, ball cheek, pellet eye; reverse devolved horse trotting left, pellet in circle above
The name for this type, first first named by German numismatists, is Kugelwange, which means ball cheek in German. The type was struck by the Celtic Skordoski tribe in Syrmia, a fertile region in Europe, on the Pannonian Plain, between the Danube and Sava rivers. Today, it is divided between Serbia in the east and Croatia in the west.
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