FORVM Seleukid Kingdom Demetrios II Nikator AE23 Head of Zeus / Apollo Seated

Ancient Coins - FORVM Seleukid Kingdom Demetrios II Nikator AE23 Head of Zeus / Apollo Seated
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Seleukid Kingdom, Demetrius II Nikator, 146 - 136 and 129 - 125 B.C.
GY78036. Bronze AE 23, Houghton-Lorber II 1912.1d; Babelon Rois 1229; BMC Seleucids p. 61, 31; SNG Spaer 1615 ff. var. (monograms); HGC 9 992 (R1-2), F, well centered, 11.944g, 23.4mm, 0o, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, bearded head of Zeus right; reverse ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ∆ΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΘΕΟΥ ΦΙΛΑ∆ΕΛΦΟΥ ΝΙΚΑΤΟΡΟΣ, Apollo seated left on omphalos, examining arrow in extended right, resting left hand on grounded bow, MYT monogram left and ΠA monogram right in exergue; from the Butte College Foundation, ex Lindgren
Demetrius II ruled for two periods, separated by years of captivity in Parthia. He gained the throne with the help of Egypt, but general Diodotus rebelled, took Antioch and made Antiochus VI Dionysus his puppet king. Demetrius then ruled part of the kingdom from Seleucia. In 38 B.C. he attacked the Parthians but was defeated and captured, ending his first reign. The Parthians released him in 129 B.C. when his brother, Antiochus VII Sidetes, marched against Parthia. They hoped the brothers would fight a civil war but the Parthians soon defeated Sidetes, and Demetrius returned to rule Syria. His second reign portraits show him wearing a Parthian styled beard. His second reign ended when he was defeated and killed by yet another usurper set up by Egypt, Alexander II Zabinas.
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