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Ancient Coins - FORVM Persian Lydia Satrap Tissaphernes AE12 Chal
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Persian Empire, Tissaphernes, Satrap of Lydia, 413 - 408 and 400 - 395 B.C., Astyra, Mysia
GB89410. Bronze chalkous, SNG BnF 124A, Klein 253, Winzer 6.2, F, dark patina, some porosity, 1.449g, 11.6mm, 180o, Mysia, Astyra mint, bare head of Tissaphernes right with short beard, TIΣΣA below neck; reverse facing cult statue of Artemis Astyra wearing kalathos, club right, AΣTYPH upward on left ; rare
Important and historical - possibly the first coin type to portray a living man. Tissaphernes was Satrap of Lydia and Karia c. 413 - 408 B.C. and of Lydia c. 400 - 395 B.C. He was one of four captains of Artaxerxes and contributed to his victory at the Battle of Kunaxa. In 395 B.C., Tissaphernes was executed, probably because he was defeated by the Spartan Agesilaos.

The site of Astyra is uncertain but from ancient sources we know that its territory lay along the west coast of Anatolia opposite Lesbos and north of modern Dikeli, Turkey. At one time it had a fortress of great strength.
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