Mylasa Caria AE13 2nd Century BC Horse / Trident Head Very Fine

Ancient Coins - Mylasa Caria AE13 2nd Century BC Horse / Trident Head Very Fine
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Mylasa, Caria, c. 2nd Century B.C.
GB67789. Bronze AE 13, Akarca 34; SNG Cop 422; SNG Keckman 226; BMC Caria p. 129, 11; Weber 6528; SGCV II 4911, VF, light corrosion, 1.915g, 12.5mm, 0o, Mylasa (Milas, Turkey) mint, free horse trotting right; reverse ornamented trident head, Μ−Υ flanking shaft
Mylasa (Milas, Turkey today) was often mentioned by ancient writers. The first mention is from early 7th century B.C., when Arselis, a Carian leader from Mylasa, helped Gyges in his fight for the Lydian throne. Under Persia, Mylasa was the chief city of Caria. Mylasa joined the Delian League c. 455 B.C., but Persian rule was restored by 400. Mylasa was the hometown and first capital of the Hecatomnid dynasty, nominally Persian satraps, but practically kings of Caria and the surrounding region, 377 - 352 B.C. In the Hellenistic era, the city was contested by Alexander's successors, but prospered. Mylasa was severely damaged in the Roman Civil War in 40 B.C., but again regained prosperity under Roman rule.
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