FORVM Carausius Antoninianus Pax Holding Olive-Branch and Scepter

Ancient Coins - FORVM Carausius Antoninianus Pax Holding Olive-Branch and Scepter
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Romano-British Empire, Carausius, Mid 286 - Spring or Early Summer 293 A.D.
RA73262. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 347, SRCV IV 13679, Web Carausius -, Hunter IV - (p. ccvi), Bourne Carausius -, Linchmere -, Burton Latimer -, Bicester -, VF/F, choice obverse - well centered and nice portrait, weak reverse, green patina, light corrosion, 3.601g, 23.1mm, 180o, Camulodunum (Colchester, England) mint, IMP C CARAVSIVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, middle/tetrarchic portrait; reverse PROVID AVG (the foresight of the Emperor), Providentia standing left, grounded staff in right hand, cornucopia in left hand, S-P in fields, C in exergue; from the Charles Peters Carausius Collection
In The Reign and Coinage of Carausius, Percy Webb wrote that for Carausius, `...the type Providentia appears with some twenty-four varieties of reverse legend, while the joint effect of obverse and reverse variations of legend and type is to produce upwards of eighty varieties of coins dedicated to that divinity.`
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