Choice VF Ptolemy IV AE34 Hemidrachm Zeus / Eagle Cornucopia

Ancient Coins - Choice VF Ptolemy IV AE34 Hemidrachm Zeus / Eagle Cornucopia
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Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy IV Philopator, 221 - 204 B.C.
GP93829. Bronze hemidrachm, Lorber CPE B496; Svoronos 1127; SNG Cop 202; Noeske 145; BMC Ptolemies p. 57, 109 - 110; Weiser 50, Choice VF, well centered, red-brown tone, light marks, central depressions, light spiral marks, 35.910g, 33.8mm, 0o, Alexandria mint, horned head of Zeus Ammon right, wearing taenia; reverse ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ (King Ptolemy), eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head left, wings closed, filleted cornucopia on left, ∆Ι between eagle's legs; from a New England Collector
Ptolemy IV's surname Philopator means father lover, ironic since according to some authorities he poisoned his father. Ptolemy IV is a major protagonist of the apocryphal 3 Maccabees, which describes events following the Battle of Raphia, in both Jerusalem and Alexandria. He was a cruel and evil monarch.
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