Carthago Nova Iberia 237-206 BC Male Head (Scipio Africanus) Rare

Ancient Coins - Carthago Nova Iberia 237-206 BC Male Head (Scipio Africanus) Rare
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Carthago Nova, Iberia, c. 237 - 206 B.C.
GB84581. Bronze 1/5 unit, Villaronga-Benages 610, SNG BM Spain 129, Burgos 556, Villaronga MHC 283, Villaronga CNH 70, VF, nice green patina with highlighting earthen deposits, tight flan, reverse off center, 2.306g, 15.1mm, 0o, Carthago Nova mint, bare male head (Scipio Africanus?) left; reverse horse head right ; rare
In order to force Hannibal to retreat from Italy, Scipio Africanus attacked Carthaginian Spain and took Carthago Nova in 209 B.C. References most often identify this type as Punic, struck before 209 B.C., but they also note that the head is `Roman style.` Some authorities believe, as we do, that this type may have been struck after 209, under Roman rule. Carthaginian coins sometimes depicted Barcid generals. This coin possibly depicts the Roman general Scipio Africanus.
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