Byzantine Empire Nicephorus III Botaniates 1078-1081 Electrum Nomisma

Ancient Coins - Byzantine Empire Nicephorus III Botaniates 1078-1081 Electrum Nomisma
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Byzantine Empire, Nicephorus III Botaniates, 7 January 1078 - 1 April 1081 A.D.
BZ99106. Electrum histamenon nomisma, DOC III-2 3b, Wroth BMC 7, Morrisson BnF 56/Cp/AV/01, Ratto 2051, SBCV 1881, Sommer 56.3, gVF, scyphate, broken, 1/3 missing, 2.812g, 30.23mm, 180o, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, Christ seated facing, throne without back, nimbus cruciger with no pellets in cross, wearing pallium and colobium, raising right hand in benediction, gospels in left hand, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation: Ihsoús Xristós - Jesus Christ) flanking head; reverse +NIKHFΡ ∆EC TW ROTANIAT, Nicephorus standing facing on footstool, bearded, wearing crown and loros, holding labarum with cross on shaft and globus cruciger, all inside double border; from the Robert Wachter Collection
The inept rule of Michael VII led to several revolts. Nicephorus seized the capital, was crowned and married Michael's wife, Empress Maria of Alania. To ensure the succession of her son Constantine, Empress Maria conspired with Alexius Comnenus to dispose of Nicephorus. Just as Nicephorus had banished Michael to a monastery, Alexius Comnenus banished Nicephorus to a monastery.
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