Byzantine Empire Maurice Tiberius 582-602 Follis Theoupolis M 40 Nummi

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Byzantine Empire, Maurice Tiberius, 13 August 582 - 22 November 602 A.D.
BZ97888. Bronze follis, DOC I 165b; Wroth BMC 181; Morrisson BnF 7/An/AE/35; Hahn MIB 96c; Tolstoi 168; Ratto 1135; Sommer 7.63.1; SBCV 533, aVF, black patina, earthen deposits and encrustations, 12.010g, 28.9mm, 0o, 3rd officina, Theoupolis (Antioch) mint, D N mAUΓI-CNPAUT, bust facing, crown with trefoil ornament, consular robes, mappa in right, eagle-tipped scepter in left; reverse large M (40 nummi) between A/N/N/O and X/III (regnal year 13), cross above, Γ (officina 3) below, THEUP' in exergue
Antioch was renamed Theoupolis after it was nearly destroyed by an earthquake on 29 November 528.

Maurice Tiberius, a successful general, was selected by Tiberius II Constantine as his successor. He achieved a favorable peace with Persia and stemmed losses in Italy and Africa, much of the Balkans were lost. Focas, a junior officer, revolted. Maurice and Theodosius, his son and co-emperor, were captured and murdered.
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