Venice, AR grosso, 1328-1339, Franceso Dandolo - Christ enthroned

Ancient Coins - Venice, AR grosso, 1328-1339, Franceso Dandolo - Christ enthroned
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Obverse:  FRA DANDVLO SM VENETI  //  DVX Doge and St. Mark facing, holding banner beteween

Reverse:  Christ enthroned holding book of Gospels between IC - XC 

19mm, 1.92 grams

The Venetian grosso was introduced in 1192 by Doge Dandalo and was symbolic of the rising economic power of Venice.   Venice had a republican form of government and Venice's 200 patrician families were part of a council that elected a legislative Senate, small executive Collegio (cabinet), the doge, and the doge's six councilors. Once elected, doges ruled for life.  Marco Polo was a Venetian and was born during Zeno's reign.  Marco spent 17 years in Kublai Khan's China and returned to write a book.   There is a fairly interesting book about China and the Silk Road in: 
Cathay and the WayThither : Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China/ translated and edited by Henry Yule. 

 Venice effectively co-opted the Fourth Crusade for their own purposes.   This coin remained the premier trade coin of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years and it remained amazingly constant in size, appearance and purity.  The coin was copied far and wide by Bulgaria, Serbia and other medieval states.

A fascinating coin that is contemporary with the Byzantine Empire.

By the way, if you don't know about  the intersection of the Crusades, Venice and Constantinople, here is a website I found informative.

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